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Robert Jorns Exhibit

Experience the visionary art of Robert Jorns at our upcoming exhibit, featuring an unparalleled display of his most thought-provoking and engaging works.

Robert Jorns Exhibit
Robert Jorns Exhibit

Time & Location

Aug 02, 2024, 9:00 AM – Aug 22, 2024, 4:00 PM

Allied Arts, 201 N Wayne St, Milledgeville, GA 31061, USA

About the event

Don't miss the Robert Jorns Exhibit, an exceptional display of unique and thought-provoking artwork that will be on display from August 2nd through the 22nd. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore the fascinating works of one of our very talented area artists, and to be inspired by his creativity and vision. Come and experience the beauty and depth of Jorns' art!

*From Robert's website:

I am an Artist/Imagist. I have spent my entire life as an Artist. I am essentially self taught having had no formal art classes until High School art. I began painting as a child inTexas using paint by number sets. Using the extra and left over paints to mix my own colors, I painted on box lids or paper. I was constantly drawing and sketching in pencil and charcoal on any size paper or board I could get my hands on. In Texas I went door to door selling my work. The audacity of an 8 year old kid doing this. I used the money I made mowing grass to buy art supplies at the local hobby store. I continued to paint and draw on my own even after moving to Georgia. I worked at various jobs using the money primarily for art supplies but also for dating as I got older. I took the Art Class offered in High School and qualified for Governor’s Honors. I participated in the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program in Art my Junior year in High School. At 15 I interned in an Art Department for a Printing Company in Atlanta. At 16 I began to participate in Fine Art Shows in Atlanta and in the Southeast.

I studied Graphic Design at UGA receiving a BFA. I went to work as a Graphic Artist and Illustrator straight out of college and began my Professional and Fine Art Career in Earnest as well.

I am a  Digital Artist, Painter, & Printmaker. Traditional Media Painter • Acrylic • Casein • Oil • Watercolor • Pencil • Charcoal • Color Pencil • Printmaking: Dry Brush, Monotype, Serigraph, and White Line. I have been a printmaker for over 50 years and a digital artist for over 35. Over 65 years as a painter (age about 7) and photographer since I was a child, age about 8 or 9. Traditionally in printmaking, artists have been allowed to allocate up to 10% of an edition as Artist’s Proofs. I have never done that. For me, typically an Artist’s Proof has been an experimental piece. A prelude to an edition and then often just a one time image using printmaking techniques. As for making Prints, I therefore decided years ago to create only Artist’s Proofs in the future. My photographic images are not pure photography. They have not been so since the mid 1990’s. I am both a photographer, traditional retoucher and digital artist. I combine those artistic skills together.

For more about Robert Jorns, visit his website at!

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