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Paul John Knowles

Paul John Knowles, born in Orlando, Florida on April 25th, 1946, is known as the “Casanova Killer” due to the fact that he would use his good looks and charm to lure people to their deaths. He was first incarcerated at the age of 19 and would begin the cycle of going in and out of jail. On July 26th, 1974, while serving time at Raiford Prison in Florida for stabbing a bartender, he picked a lock and escaped his prison cell. This was the start to a four month long killing spree spanning across multiple states.


Starting in Jacksonville, Knowles robbed and murdered his way to Milledgeville, taking the lives of 16 people in the process. On the night of November 6th, 1974, Knowles befriended 45-year-old Carswell Carr upon his arrival in Milledgeville. Carr even invited him to spend the night in his home. When they finally made it to the Carr’s home, Knowles stabbed Carswell Carr an estimated 25 times and strangled his 15-year-old daughter, Amanda, to death. After leaving the scene of their murders, Knowles would go on to take the lives of two more people before he was arrested.


On November 17th, 1974, Knowles got into a car and foot chase with the Henry County police after being spotted in a stolen patrol car he had obtained by killing a Florida Highway Trooper. He managed to get away but was cornered by 27-year-old Vietnam vet and hospital maintenance worker David Clark, who was armed with a shotgun. Police arrived at the scene and apprehended Knowles, placing him in handcuffs. If Clark wouldn’t have cornered him, he would have successfully escaped, as he was outside of the perimeter established by the manhunt.


On December 18th, 1974, Sherriff Earl Lee and Agent Ronnie Angel from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation were transporting Knowles to Henry County on Interstate 20 to find the location of a possible murder weapon. While in the car he reportedly “grabbed Lee’s handgun, discharging it through the holster in the process and while Lee was struggling with Knowles and attempting to keep control of the vehicle, Angel fired three shots in Knowles’ chest, killing him instantly.” The story of his demise is questionable to say the least, but justice seems to have been served to the Casanova Killer.

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