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The Governor's Mansion

Molly is the most spotted ghost to reside in the old Governor’s Mansion. Molly was a cook who worked at the mansion. She was a baker and was famous for her blueberry muffins. Perhaps she is still cooking today, as you can still get a whiff of those famous muffins, even when no one is in the kitchen. And at noon and five PM (like clockwork) you can smell pork and black-eyed peas. Once there was a smell of burning potatoes so strong that the fire department was notified. Upon arrival, nothing was found, and the firemen saw no further concerns.


People who have worked in and visited the mansion also report seeing various people dressed in Civil War Era apparel roaming the grounds of the mansion. Other ghostly happenings include linens being thrown from beds, the smell of cigar smoke, the sound of footsteps running down the hallways, and doors closing by themselves.

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