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The Maj. Edward White House

The Major Edward White House was built in 1806 (said to be the oldest home in Milledgeville) and originally located in the 300 block of West Greene Street. The house was moved in the late 19th century to South Clarke Street and massively restored in 1989. The home was built for Massachusetts native Major Edward White, who was Adjutant to Marquis de Lafayette during the Yorktown campaign. After Major White’s death, his son, Dr. Benjamin Aspinwall White, inherited and occupied the home from the 1820s to the 1860s. In the years that the home was used as an office for Dr. White, many babies were born in his office and many others have presumably died there as well. In the 1960s and 1970s, the home was split into apartment units and housed a murderer. Sometime in the 70s, a man who lived in an upstairs apartment was arrested and convicted of murder, but no evidence was ever found that a murder was ever committed in the building.


A previous owner of the home stated that they recovered some old books that belonged to Dr. White and his son (who was also a doctor) and returned them to some shelves inside the home. They were classified and shelved in a certain order, but they somehow seem to re-organize themselves on the shelves, appearing in a different order than they were placed. They will sometimes even disappear for a period and reappear altogether, as if they were never gone. Sometimes footsteps can be heard going up and down the stairs and they will sometimes walk around a discolored area of floor where a bed once stood.

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