Monday - Saturday 
8am - 4pm

Our offices and main exhibits are located in the Marlor House

201 North Wayne Street
Milledgeville, GA 31061

© 2023 by Allied Arts. Allied Arts is a 501(c)3 organization. We are proud to be a secondary agency of the City of Milledgeville.

We believe what we do is important. The data is easily available on why art is important; it helps us preserve history, it helps us improve mental health, it helps kids graduate, it helps people rise above, and it brings us together. In the past year, we've brought all that and more to THOUSANDs of people... but we still have so much more to do.


More than 40% of the 15.5k living in Milledgeville are living below the poverty line and we believe that those people deserve art and all the benefits it brings, too -so 80% of our programming is free and the rest is very low cost.

We believe that the 2,000+ children in Baldwin County who don't have art teachers deserve to explore their full potential, we believe art will help them do that, and we want to continue bringing art to them. 

We believe YOU deserve to experience art and all the benefits it brings.


We want to keep doing what we believe in and we need your help to do that. Click on the donate button below to make a difference in your community today.