Fiction writers, poets, memoirists, bloggers, dreamers! Allied Arts is sponsoring a free, 4-week long community writing workshop open to all ages and levels of writing experience facilitated by Kerry Neville, professor of creative writing at Georgia College.

The workshop’s mission is to nurture all writers, regardless of style and genre, so we can achieve our goals.

While many people assume the end result of writing is publishing, we begin with the assumption that many  of us write for a creative outlet or as part of another creative pursuit. We will spend most of each session writing (if needed, we will have writing prompts), sharing our writing with each other (but no pressure to share if you'd rather keep it private), and discussing the writing process and writing roadblocks.

The current session starts Tuesday, January 5 from 12:30 - 2:00 via zoom and will take place each week at the same time. This session will start virtual but has the possibility of moving to hybrid/in person.

Feel free to arrive late and leave early as you need to fit your schedule!


We are asking that you register so we can keep you up to date and know how many to expect. You can click here to register.

The Write Space


Monday - Saturday 
8am - 4pm

Our offices and main exhibits are located in the Marlor House

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