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Friends make our world go 'round!

Help us advocate for the arts by joining the Friends of Allied Arts. Our Friends are a strong community of volunteers and donors who know that art is important for the health and cultural life of our community and everyone in it. Keep scrolling to see our current Friend Members.

Check out some of the reasons why our Friends do what they do and why we'd like you to join us:

Annual Membership

Click the below link to join Friends at the annual level. Once payment is complete, you will be redirected to complete a form so we can get some of your information. You can also stop by the Marlor House and join in person.

Monthly Membership

Click the below link to join Friends at the monthly level of $3 per month. You will be asked to create a PalPal account if you don't have one already. Once payment is complete, you will be redirected to complete a form so we can get some of your information. Can be canceled at any time.

If you are interested in becoming a corporate or private sponsor, please email us or call us.

Friends Advisory Board

Louida Saulmon, President

Andy Adams

John Geist

Alice Tenold

​Mike Tenold


Clifford Towner


Gina Towner


Maryllis Wolfgang

Visit this page on a non-mobile browser to see a list of 2020 Friends

Current 2020 Friends:

*List updates around the first of each month


Members who gave Adventure:

  • Rena Johnson

Members who gave EXPLORATION:

*monthly membership level

*memberships at this level can help keep the historic Marlor House, our exhibits, and exhibit openings free for anyone and everyone to explore. Some socioeconomic groups have been historically shut out of the art world and miss out on the great benefits of art exploration, but we think everyone deserves art.

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  • Sara Andrews

  • Mia Bella

  • Charles & Dottie Brown

  • Mary Hunnicutt

  • Dr. & Mrs. Paul Jahr

  • Dr. Collinda Lee

  • Sam & Ruth Marshall

  • Wichelle Norton

  • Sara O'Neal

  • Susanne Ratliff

  • Charles Scheff

  • Barbara Stevens

  • Carole & Jack Stickline

Members who gave DISCOVERY:

*memberships at this level can help our staff and/or volunteers bring an art activity to a school, organization, or event so the community can discover painting, printmaking, sculpting, and more. In the 2018-2019 school year, we estimate over 2,000 school-age children in Baldwin County didn't have access to art teachers and the only access they had to art discovery was through programming like ours.

giphy (1).gif
  • JoAnn & Charles Burns

  • Roberta & Vince Ciampa

  • Jennifer & William Flory

  • Carol & Douglas Goings

  • Richard & Beth Greene

  • Jean Hall

  • Sammy and Linda Hall

  • David & Susan Lang

  • Dick & Arlene Mueller

  • Shirley & Tommy Noles

  • Shirley O'Quinn

  • Dr. & Mrs. John Sallstrom

  • Jeanette Waddell

  • Synthya Whitaker

  • Peggy & Bill White

  • Joe Windish

  • Robin & Sue Wright

Members who gave breakthroughs:

*memberships at this level can help to not only bring our community together, but to keep it together with programming and events like GospelFest, First Friday Performances, and Storytelling in the Market. These creative outlets are usually free, inspire open dialogue, and unite groups of people who might not otherwise come together.

giphy (4).gif
  • Audrey Crumbley

  • Katherine & Donald Fuller

  • John & Kitty Gamble

  • Carolyn Herne

  • Nancy & Joe Hodge

  • T.P. & Sandra Holloman

  • George Jarrette Jr.

  • Sherrill & Alan Jones

  • Susanne & Douglas Long

  • Glenda McCoy

  • Dr. & Mrs. Doug Pohl

  • Luis Samper

  • Louida & Ben Saulmon

  • Alice & Mike Tenold

  • Cliff & Gina Towner

  • David & Beverly Veal

  • Dr. & Mrs. Frank B. Vinson

  • Bill & Ruby Werts

  • Maryllis Wolfgang

  • Sandra Worsham

Members who gave dreams:

*memberships at this level can help ignite a future full of innovation and creativity. We are committed to bringing round-table art experiences to the children in our community through artist residencies and, in the past, we've been able to bring Grammy Nominees and popular cartoonists to students to inspire and teach the wonders of art.

  • Beegee Baugh

  • Kyle Rick


Members who gave The Future:

giphy (3).gif
  • Dr. Bruce Gentry

  • Dr. Maidana Nunn

  • Dr. Harriett Whipple

  • Preston Snyder

*memberships at this level can help us keep history, community literature, and heritage arts alive through tours, workshops, demonstrations, author meet-and-greets, and architecture. History, literature, and heritage arts are the roadmap to how we explore, prepare for, and improve our future here on planet Earth.