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Middle School & High School 


Elementary School

The appearance of art sizes on the virtual walls do not reflect the actual photo sizes. Click on the photo in the exhibit to see the full details of each piece.

We recommend viewing the exhibit on a laptop/desktop (or even casting from your laptop to your big screen TV) or, tap here to download the app for mobile viewing.


The exhibit may take several minutes to load; please be patient and wait until it loads completely to navigate the exhibit. You cannot load more than one exhibit at a time. Troubleshooting tips are at the bottom of the page.

To learn how to navigate through the exhibit, click the "i" in the upper right corner.

Troubleshooting the Virtual Exhibits

The exhibit isn't loading:

Clear your browser cache and restart your device. If you try to load multiple exhibits in multiple tabs, exhibits will not be able to load fully.

The recorded walkthrough keeps glitching/getting stuck on walls: 

This is a common error when there are functional doors. Pause the walkthrough, manually navigate to the nearest closed door, click on it to open it, then play the exhibit again.

I'm having difficulty seeing the entire piece of art: 

Using a larger screen to view or projecting to a TV can help with this issue.