Watercolor: Exploration of Color and Texture - Online Art Exhibition

This exhibit features work by artists taught by Dana Wiggins Thompson. We had originally planned on displaying this Watercolor in the Marlor House Gallery. Unfortunately, the pandemic has prevented that from happening, so we have moved it online.

Viewing instructions: 

For the best experience, it's recommended that you view the gallery on a laptop, desktop, or tablet. Click or tap the image at the bottom of this page and a new window will open. Click/tap on photos to view full image and complete details. You can then go back to the main gallery to scroll through or use the arrow keys on either side of the image to move to the next work of art. Please be patient, as images/details may take several seconds to load when you first enter the gallery. If you are interested in purchasing artwork, please email us. 



A note from the instructor:

"Watercolor is a medium that can be as demanding and temperamental as those who choose to paint with it. But it is a colorful and exciting medium all the same – well suited to describing the many moods of the subject, as well as those of the artist wielding the brush." -Jean Burman

This sums up my perspective on Watercolor! I have been practicing the medium for 33  years and still amazed at what the pigment can do by mixing it with the right amount of water and allowing it to dance on top of the paper.


I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time to learn watercolor. Dubai International Art Center was booming with very talented teachers like Trevor Waugh, Jean Haines, and Patricia al Fakhri. With their guidance and instruction, I learned that the watercolor medium could be harnessed but never really tamed!  I learned there were rules but rules could be broken!  


I have been teaching watercolor classes and workshops for over 19 years starting off in Dubai and then moving to the Middle Georgia area and teaching through the technical school and teaching in Dublin, Louisville, Sandersville and then through Ga. College continuing Ed dept.  I usually teach 2 classes a week at Hobby Lobby and private home lessons for groups and individuals.  I was the winner of the Watercolor Division at the Georgia National Fair 2017, 2018 and 2019. I also have been chosen to show my work in the Georgia Watercolor Members exhibition in 2018 and 2019 and the GWS Nationals for 2020. 


I am extremely proud of my students and they have done extremely well in competition painting walking away with many first, second and third places at the Georgia National Fair, Oconee Artist at Allied Arts and for the National and Members shows with the Georgia Watercolor Society.

-Dana Wiggins Thompson


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