Why support individual artists (or why not to buy art from big-box stores like Walmart and Hobby Lobby):

Where does big-box store art come from?

Are fair wages used to pay those that produced the art (are they paid wages at all)? Who/what are you supporting? It's near impossible to answer these questions if you buy mass produced art.

It's not as expensve as you think.

You want a bright and cheery room, an interesting focal point, or to fill up a wall with eclectic pieces, but your wallet can't handle much. 

It's true that some art from individual artists is expensive and out of reach for a lot of people - but there's LOTS of art that's not. Check with local artists, art organizations (like us!), and let them know your budget. 

Because artists are people with bills to pay

When you buy from an individual, you know your money is going to a person who is trying to put food on the table doing something that they love, using a skill they worked hard to maintain. Have you ever seen an artist's face when you tell them someone wants to buy something they created? We have, and it's beautiful. (We doubt it's the same reaction CEO's of big box stores have when you buy from them).

Check out some of our featured artwork for sale below. We have even more items in the gift shop at the Marlor House.


If you are interested in purchasing something, please email us. We can arrange a safe pick-up from the Marlor House and, for additional fees (depending on the item) we may be able to ship some artwork. 

We take a small percentage of sales to support the work we do and the rest goes directly to the artist who created the work.

If you'd like to get in touch with any of the artists listed, you can reach out to us.


Click on images to get more information. We recommend viewing on a laptop/desktop or tablet for the best viewing experience.

Artwork by Krista Kugaraj:


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