Big Click Photo Contest


  • One Grand Prize Winner will be awarded $50.00.

  • All eligible entries will be displayed in a 3D virtual gallery space December 21 - January 22.


  • The Big Click is open to all of all ages

  • Film, digital works, and digitally enhanced entries will be accepted; photographs can be taken with any camera, including a phone camera.

  • All works must be the original work of the artist.

  • Images must be previously unpublished.

  • Images should be no smaller than 1MB and no larger than 5MB; there are multiple ways to check the size of your photos. One of those ways is to upload your image to this website and it will tell you the size of the photo: (Allied Arts is not affiliated with Pictorem in any way). If your image is larger than 5MB, there are several websites that can reduce the size for free—just make sure not to reduce the quality so much that the image becomes pixelated or blurry.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Entries and entry fees must be received by December 17th, 2020.

  • The non-refundable entry fee is $5.00 for up to three entries.

  • By entering the competition, you agree and acknowledge that you are the sole owner and author of the photography submitted and have full rights to the photography.

  • Allied Arts recognizes that the author of the image will retain full ownership of the copyright in each entry.

  • All entrants understand that any image submitted to the competition may be used by Allied Arts for marketing and promotional purposes. By entering the competition, you grant Allied Arts permission to use each entry in the aforementioned capacity, which may include, but is not limited to, the following: displaying entries at public exhibitions, displaying on the website, in a magazine, newspaper or similar publication. Any photograph used by Allied Arts will carry a credit line. Failure to provide such credit line shall not be deemed to be a breach, if reasonable efforts are made to rectify such failure.

How to enter:

Please follow each step, in order. Due to number of entries, we may not notify you if we have missing information. Submissions with missing information are not eligible to be judged.

  • Click the secure PayPal link below for payment.

  • Email us at with your photographs as per the following:

    • Subject line must say: “Big Click Contest Submission”

    • Files must named as the following: “Lastname-Firstname_Name of art_Medium” (Example: Deaux-John_Beanzoil_Digital Art)

    • In the body of your email, please include:

      • Mailing address

      • Name

      • Age (optional; if under 18. For crediting purposes only." 

      • City/state

      • For photography, type of camera used (DSLR, phone camera…)

  • Images should be JPEG or PNG files only.

  • It is okay to zip files or to send a link to a cloud service (Google Drive, DropBox, ect..), just make sure that we have permission to view and download the files.

Torn Camera PNG.png